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Procedures in Metal Machining
Incoming & In Process Inspection

-Improving Your Metal Machining Productivity Through Quality. Maching for many types of applications: Aerospace, automotive, defence, commercial, communications, commercial, electronic, military, OEM, industrial

ISO 9000 Compliant

Inspection Routers

Machined parts manufacturing tagged and routed for the next operation all production floor items are clearly marked and identified.

Aerospace, automotive, defence, commercial, communications, commercial, electronic, military, OEM, industrial

Material Identified

Incoming metal materials are inspected and tagged appropriately. Traceability documentation is mandatory.

Sheet, Bar , Plate and Structural Materials
Aluminum  (2000 , 5000 , 6000 , 7000 series)
Red Metals (Brass , Bronze , Copper)
Low and High Carbon Steels (CRS , HRS , CD , CF, Structural)
Exotics Alloys  (Inconel , Monel , 4130 , 4140 , Titanium)
Stainless Steel (Chromium Nickel-301 , 303 , 304 , 316)(Chromium-410 , 440)
Plastics (ABS , Acetal , Delrin , HDPE , G-Classes , Lexan , Nylon , Polycarbonate , PVC , Teflon , UHMW)

Inspected Tagged material

All incomming material is clearly marked Accepted, or if out of specification, it is Rejected and tagged appropriately as it is immediately removed from the production floor to the appropriate holding area.


  • All personnel work together in an effort to achieve zero defect results with all metal machining.

  • We have made quality a priority in every phase of production.
  • All SMI Departments use in-process controls, calibrated equipment and testing capabilities to ensure consistent delivery of precision products to your dock every time.

  • Our operators record real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) measurements as the parts are being manufactured and assembled.

  • SMI's "in process" control standards are the backbone of our quality program. Quality will never be compromised @ SMI Our customers receive the finest service and the highest quality parts that can be produced. We take great pride in our work.


Give us a call for metal machining and manufacturing of your parts per specification. Located in San Diego County.  Machining service, Orange County OC, Los Angeles LA, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Southwest area.

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