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 As a young boy I worked for my father, Joseph Santourian. He was a WW II veteran and the proud owner of a very successful and well known precision sheet metal fabrication business in the Chicago area named Swift-O-Matic Engineering Company. One of his many accomplishments in his 30+ years in business, was his support of NASA's Apollo Lunar Landing missions. A letter of recognition was sent to his company in 1969, and can be viewed HERE.
Please read it.........

Bruce Santourian

Joe Santourian award 525x450 72dpi

Joseph Santourian "1968" (center)
Receiving the "Excellence in Quality Award"
from The Collins Radio Company

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

                                  Apollo 11 Lunar Landing : Sunday, July 20th, 1969

23 A11 web

ALDRIN 3 75 inches Eagle LEM



My father, Joseph Santourian, owned a precision metal shop in Melrose Park, just outside of Chicago. While I was growing up, he suggested that I learn the sheet metal trade. Soon, I found myself following in his footsteps learning the business from the ground up. I started with a broom in my hand, and eventually with his guidance worked my way up through all the production departments. I was soon estimating jobs as well as handling many issues regarding sales, engineering and customer relations. He had presented me with a very valuable life changing opportunity.

When I was 29, I came to Southern California looking for a challenge and to be on my own. The year was 1979. Shortly thereafter an unpredictable chain events made it possible for me to start my own metal working shop, which would be come to be known as Santourian Manufacturing.

In 1985, I was blessed to find and marry a wonderful women, Leah. With her help and dedication we would work as a team to shape SMI into a world class manufacturer. Now, decades later, I am still making quality sheet metal parts.

To say that my parents, Joe and Ramona , had an impact on my life would be an understatement indeed. I am blessed to have been close to such wonderful people.

Bruce Santourian

Joe 82nd Airborne

Joseph Santourian   1945

Joe and Ramona

Joseph & Ramona Santourian
Wedding Day 1947


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Apollo 40 years 2 5 inches

Family History - Apollo 11