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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Robotic / Automated Manufacturing Cells

We provide Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and Stamping using the M-2044 CNC Punch Press, is accurate, quick and cost efficient for running high production volume of all metal fabricated parts and stamped parts and components. Lights out manufacturing with Robotic Automation.  Upload you files on our server for a quick turnaround.


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High Speed Production on Sheet Metal Fabrications and  Stamped Parts
Low Manufacturing Costs
Quantity Pricing - Production & Prototype 

Fast accurate part production... A sample of miscellaneous sheet metal fabricated parts off our 2 large turrets.

Santourian Mfg Wiedemann high output turret punch press

   Our CNC Turret Punch Presses have a robotic load/unload capability.

  • Robotic Automation enables us to manufacture sheet metal fabrication of  stamped parts through the night.
  • Stamped Accuracy can be within +/- .005".
  • 30 & 40 station turret capacity.

SMI parts shown stamped on the turret press table
At SMI, we have the mind set and technical capability to compete at all levels of manufacturing.
To operate competitively at this level, we utilize and optimize our manpower and equipment.
As a result, your company benefits.

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  • Full Turret View
  • Special Tooling
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Large Size Metal Stamping 78" x 48" Table CNC Punching

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Our 2 traditional Wiedemann C-3000's can handle your large stamped parts concerns.

Each machine is rated at 30 Tons with large 40 station turrets.
We can easily manage larger parts and components as we have a 78" x 48" working area.
Class "A" Sheet Metal Stamped parts.

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