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Assembly Integration by SMI
Sheet Metal Products Applications

We have an experienced staff that will complete the final assembly per your drawings and package the material so that you can receivea ready to use finished product that works for you, either to your assembly line or off to your customer / end user..


Box Build 1 500dpi

Box Build Assembly Assembled and tested per our customer's specifications.


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Terminals Assy joomla

bcc 2 600x411

www Bollard

Disney Bollard Outdoor Speaker Systems built, tested, packaged and ready to install at Disneyland in Anaheim, Ca.

P0001699 550x367

Speaker Assembly

IMG 9299 550x400 IMG 9329 550x400

 Steel Enclosure Weldment - Zinc plated and assembled per the drawing specifications.

IMG 9151 Hardware 600 Wide
Automated Hardware Installation

IMG 7707 ballast 500x333
Ballast assembly with Torque markings

Written Final Inspection criteria is mandatory in order to maintain consistent high quality.
SMI's goal = 100% conformation.

Products are assembled per the customer's specifications.
Then carefully packaged to ensure that a quality product arrives at it's destination.

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Apollo 40 years 2 5 inches

Family History - Apollo 11