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Cad Design Services
Providing Cad Design for all Manufactured Parts

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  • We utilize SolidWorks 2013 which is integrated with all our CNC Programming applications.
  • This system allows us to unfold the sheet metal parts and Quick Turn your part or production assemblies.
  • Your received files can be put into production within a matter of hours.  Take advantage of our Cad solid modeling and design engineering capability as we have the experience you need..

Experienced  Cad Design in Metal Fabrication

SMI has an experienced design and engineering staff on hand. This enables us to help you in the early stages of product development. We have the capability to design, document, detail and manufacture your new product.

• Solid modeling & Design engineering

• Proven capability with Product design / re-design capability

• Qualified professional design team virtually on your desktop.

• Through the technology of Cyber Engineering and Manufacturing, you have access to, and control of a new, state of the art production facility, without leaving your office.

• With our "Real Time" shop floor control, you don't have to walk down the hall to see if your job is done.  No matter if you are in Tokyo or Toledo you can now produce your product close to your customers in the Southwestern US.

• SMI's engineering staff is committed to providing the highest quality technical support and design services for our customers and products.

Customers who take advantage of our Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) design participation save thousands of dollars in tooling and direct product cost. SMI utilizes CAD/CAM hardware and software systems with capabilities to interchange design information in a wide range of electronic media formats including:

Accepting All SolidWorks files & IGES, DXF, STP, DWG, for your Cad Designed Parts

• Your received files can be put into production quickly. SMI can frame nest your assemblies for our turret punch presses so as to optimize the material yield.

• Class "A" metal fabrication.

• With our hard drives full of CAD software packages, we can import your files and put them into production fast.

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