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Metal Forming Shop

Accurate Close Tolerance Metal Formed Parts Performance
We have the tools to process accurate close tolerance precision metal formed parts.
The Amada press is one of the most accurate metal forming presses in the world.

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Your setup is done very quickly using the computer controlled gauging system. Multi-staging of various flange lengths and widths is common practice. The result is a precision metal formed part in short order.

Accurate Metal Forming

Accurate Forming of Bar and Plate up to .500 thickness, 1/2 inch depending on internal bend radius and size of part.

Metal Forming capacity in machining is 80 ton and can form products up to 8 feet long.  All the tooling used in the press is:
Precision Ground to + or - .0002"

metal formed parts completed metal forming of parts chassis

Pressing Matters: SMI metal forming comprises of precision forming machine tools such as:

• Amada RG-80s, 8' - 80 tons max. 

• Amada RG-50s, 6' - 50 tons. max.

Inquire about our precision metal forming for all types of parts and componets relatated to commercial and industrial requirements.

Metal Forming projects spheres related to: Aerospace, automotive, defence, commercial, communications, commercial, electronic, military, OEM, industrial sectors. We are a "build to print" manufacturer.

Delivery for your Metal Formed parts

Time after time SMI delivers the right mixture of turn-around-time, price, service and thorough quality. Contact Us today and let us demonstrate our promise to exceeding our customers’ expectations in design and creating in manufacturing your metal forming and metal formed parts design.

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